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Suninergy Technology Co., a multi-functional comprehensive energy company integrating photovoltaic support, power station development and power station operation and maintenance services. Headquartered in the rich city of Kunshan, it has a unique geographical location, a global sales management team, and has long-term cooperation with many top 500 overseas new energy investment companies, and has a one-step cooperation model from the source. 
The design team He has participated in many major projects. The bracket design can meet various terrains and can maintain good interaction and cooperation with the local construction company of the project to provide the owner with the convenience of integrated bracket construction services. As a pioneer in the new energy industry, the company has senior industry elite executives and more than ten years of project development and support operation experience to ensure that it provides the highest quality services and best products to customers at home and abroad.
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    There are 9 Civil and Structural Engineers in Suninergy who have participated in many major projects globally.

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    We provide:
    1.Structural Calculation and Analysis Report.
    2.Structure Design.
    3.Installation Guidance.
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    We have TUV, CE certification, MCS, ISO standards, SGS, certification products and services are guaranteed
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    10 years warranty
About us
The company has more than ten years of project development and support operation experience, and its products and services are guaranteed.
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