Sonne Tracking System
High reliability      High power generation      Simple installation
High reliability      High compatibility               Low maintenance costs
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Durable and Lasting

Scientific design and analysis ensure the 

adaptabilityof site construction.

High strength aluminum and steel material 

with long term anti-corruption will be applied.

Quick Installation

All components are highly pre-assembled before shipment.

Simple structures needed to be connected by fasteners.

Professional installation guidance.

Perfect Logistics System
A complete set of logistics services, ranging 
from loading transportation and customs 
clearance will be provided.


Suninergy Technology Co.,LTD.

Suninergy Technology Co.,LTD is a multi-functional comprehensive energy company integrating photovoltaic support, power station development and power station operation and maintenance services. 


The company has more than ten years of project development and stent operation experience to ensure that it provides the highest quality service and best products to customers at home and abroad.

Our customers are all over the world.
Infinite solar Infinite possibility
May 26, 2023

After two years, the 16th SNEC PV Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) successfully concluded today. During the exhibition, Suninergy launched the latest Sonne tracking system, Panda controller and the latest CA-01 PV panel cleaning terminal with our theme of " Infinite solar infinite possibility".A

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France gears up for perovskite hybrid solar panel manufacture
December 13, 2023

A new French company has been launched to establish the manufacturing of a completely new generation of high efficiency solar panels.The tandem units will blend the durability of current generation silicon-based units with totally new technology based on a naturally occurring mineral known as perovs

Europe is set for a record solar summer and is wasting it
August 02, 2023

The European Union should take steps to stop the waste of solar energy and limit negative pricing in order to encourage investment, according to renewable energy groups.While Europe will generate record amounts of solar power this summer, coal-dependent countries like Poland and the Czech Republic c

On the bright side, solar investment finally set to surpass oil spending
June 02, 2023

If the International Energy Agency's predictions are correct, 2023 is set to be the year that investment in solar energy technologies finally overtakes spending on oil production. Lest you forget, however, spending on fossil fuels is still rising too.In its 2023 World Energy Investment report, the I

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The company has more than ten years of project development and support operation experience, and its products and services are guaranteed.
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