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Sonne Tracking System


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High reliability: 

Electric multipoint distributed drive 

Fledged control strategy

High adaptability: 

Up to 24% for undulating slopes and 20% for complex terrain utilization

High power generation: 

More effective power generation time by Sonne intelligent algorithm

High compatibility: 

compatible with 600W+ oversized components

Simple installation: 

Modular, standardized and simple design

Low maintenance costs 

Component interchangeability

Tracking type

Horizontal single-axis, independent row.

String voltage

1000 VDC or 1500 VDC

Tracking rang

± 60°

Drive type

High accuracy slew gear

Motor typ

24V DC motor

Typical row size

Max 120 modules, depending on module string ler

Modules supported

Compatible with all panels


Ramming piles/ Micropile piles/ PHC piles Steel


Q235,Q355,Q420,Q460 or equivalent


HDG, Pre galvanizing, Pre ZAM

Design load

According to site requirement

Operating temperature range

-30°C to 60°C


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