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Infinite solar Infinite possibility

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Infinite solar Infinite possibility

After two years, the 16th SNEC PV Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) successfully concluded today. During the exhibition, Suninergy launched the latest Sonne tracking system, Panda controller and the latest CA-01 PV panel cleaning terminal with our theme of " Infinite solar infinite possibility".

As a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry, SUNINERGY has developed the latest PV panel cleaning terminal "CA-01" after a long period of research and development. In addition to its excellent obstacle-crossing and hill-climbing capabilities, the CA-01 is different from most other robots on the market in that it is integrated with the IoT cloud platform, which on the one hand facilitates the user community to track and to check the robot's cleaning data and the life of its components, and on the other hand, according to its own algorithm, it can combine existing data and past scenarios to come up with the most optimal solution when encountering different unexpected situations, thus reducing the risk of accidents, which reduces the rate of machine damage in unexpected situations.

In addition, the Sonne tracking system was optimised on the basis of the original one and the latest Panda control box was proposed, which greatly improved the performance of the tracking bracket and also provided a solid foundation for the subsequent improvement and optimisation of the IoT platform. During the exhibition, there was a sea of people in front of the exhibits, gaining unanimous recognition and warm response from customers at home and abroad!

Suninergy will continue to develop and upgrade its products in the direction of " Infinite solar infinite possibility". In the future, Suninergy will continue to make efforts to optimise our own product technology, accelerate the pace of resource transformation, move towards double carbon action and contribute to the promotion of green energy together.

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